The Anhyzer Disc Golf Throw

If you want to move the disc the opposite way, then you would be using the Anhyzer type of throw. In this instance, the right handed golfer would angle the left side of the disc upward. Once released, then the disc will move toward the right, against the natural angle of the disc.

Mastering either of these two types of throwing techniques requires practice. It’s also important to understand that depending on how much of an angle the disc is release at, and how much you would require it to move, then you will need to compensate for the distance that will be lost. For a disc that averages one hundred feet per throw, if you need to move the disc forty feet to the left (Hyzer), then the disc will likely only travel a maximum of sixty feet downfield.

Another challenge to mastering the Hyzer and Anhyzer throws is that many novice disc golfers, when they turn the angle of the disc up of down, also tend to draw it back slightly. When this happens, then the flight of the disc will lead it angling back from where it came, back to you.

As with regular golf, ‘shaping’ shots is a challenging aspect of the game, but once it is mastered, or once you have reasonable skills to help make these shots work the way you want them to, then you will be in a better position to reach the basket in fewer shots. Every tool that you have in your arsenal as a disc golfer will make you a more potent opponent, or if you play by yourself, it will help you shave strokes off your game.

Some of these types of disc golf shots will not be comfortable to you, so you want to focus on what is comfortable first. After a while, begin to practice these other types of shots when you’re away from the course. You’ll begin to understand how the flight of the disc is affected through these different types of shots. When that happens, you’ll begin to see your scores drop consistently.

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