The Side Arm (Forehand) Disc Golf Throw

With the side arm throw, the disc golfer can either face the opposite direction of the backhand type or use the straddle stance in which the golfer would face the target with the feet parallel, also facing the target and about shoulder width apart. For this type of throw, the grip is the same as for the backhand but instead of curling the wrist inward, the wrist is instead turned outward. The right handed golfer would extend his or her right out, moving it behind his shoulder line, about chest high, and will twist the hips slightly to help generate power.

The release point will be about a feet forward of the shoulder line. This throw is more complicated than the backhand as far as creating stability and control of the disc, but it also has the potential to generate considerably more speed and power, allowing the disc golfer to gain more distance.

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