Top Recommended Disc Golf Discs

One of the hardest parts about playing disc golf is knowing which discs are the best to use for certain situations. There is actually a lot of science and math that goes into making discs, so the options available can be overwhelming. Here, I’ve rounded up three of the most recommended discs available for every part of a disc golf hole that you’ll need.


Disc Craft Nuke Elite-Z Driver – With its aerodynamic edge, this driver really flies. It’s super fast, but it’s also really accurate if you hold your line. This over stable (+1.6) disc is good for the hyzer shots, but it is still versatile. Because it is so fast, it’s best suited for uphill shots and shots with stronger headwinds. PLUS, it glows in the dark, so it’s great for those night games! (This disc is also available in non-glow for day time use.)

Mid Range

Disc Craft Buzzz Elite-Z Mid Range – Only slightly over stable (+.5), the Buzz Elite-Z flies super straight. It holds its line well, making it a good disc for right- or left-handed people, throwing sidearm or backhand. Once you get used to the Buzz, it will quickly become your primary disc. The Elite-Z plastic is smooth, which makes for an easy release. Grab this disc for your bag and nail throws 150-300 feet.


Millenium Omega SuperSoft Putter – While the Omega SS putter is technically a putting disc, it actually is an all around disc that can be used for mid-range throws (up to 200 feet). It’s made from a more dense plastic that is soft, sticky and grippy, which is awesome for controlling. It also sticks to the chains really well and won’t typically slip through. It’s super stable (0.0), so you can rely on nailing your shot.

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